7/22/02 -- RFC, no new news.


Did any of you folks work tobacco fields as a teenager, or otherwise know anything about tobacco farming? The staff at Misc's Cigar Ranch has been researching this area and is getting the idea that, while tobacco plants grow like weeds in almost any conditions, the seeds are terribly difficult to germinate ("sprout").

Anyone know anything about that?

I know, I'm just being impatient (it's been 4 days, supposed to take 10-14), but I'm curious, too, to learn what I can about this. What I've got, so far:

* Tobacco seeds are terribly fussy and are difficult to sprout.

* The seeds must be on top of the soil, which should be very fine. ("Need sunlight to sprout"?)

* They need the soil to be warm to sprout (more sunshine? Should the ground be damp? Or will that make it too cool? Should I NOT water them? How "warm" are we talking, here?)

Also, when you cut tobacco plants off just above the 1st leaves, do the plants grow back? Or do you need to sprout more seeds?

When you cut off the flowers (to divert growth energy to the leaves), are you disposing of the seed-source? Should I keep 1 plant flowering in each row to collect seeds from?