09 Spring has sprung


Birds are sining, flowers are blooming, the little baby cigar trees are frolicing in the pasture -- all is well in the world.

In earlier posts, I wrote of the trials of raising a herd of cigar trees from little calves during the grueling Winters of the Santa Cruz mountains -- where temperatures would occasionally dip into the 40s and the weatherman would pseak of chances of light frost in newboy counties -- and how most of that first group was lost either to the rigors of Winter or eaten by coyotes. In THIS entry, I have much happier news to report.

All of the calves rescued from the grueling tundra have been nursed back to health, and are well on their way to becoming full fledged (if a bit stunted) yearlings. A couple of them have begun to blossom which, of course, Mrs. Misc enjoys a great deal. You're supposed to dock their flowers for maximum growth, but some of them are so cute that I just can't bear to do it.

In addition, several dozen newlings have hatched and are enjoying a life of leisure in the newling-idor-ubator, where Mrs. Misc and I take turns spoiling them rotton. They grow like little weeds, and I think one of the Greenwood Darks said it's first word, the other day (I *CLEARLY* heard it say "papa Misc"!, although Mrs. M scoffs.)

Another week or two and we'll be putting those guys out into the new pastures created specifically for them. They'll get about 1-2 hrs of direct sunlight each day, then spend the rest of their time in the bright of The Big Trees.

Other than waiting for them to grow big enough to take to market, there's not much to do except make sure they have food & water and a pasture to play in.

I'll let you know when anything happens.