Maneki Neko 招き猫 for iPhone


Gain luck, prosperity, romance and wealth with the lucky cat!

Maneki Neko  招き猫 for iPhone

Maneki Neko 招き猫 for iPhone brings luck, prosperity, wealth and romance.

Beautifully rendered Maneki Neko, the classic Japanese symbol of luck and fortune, beckons prosperity into your life amid a shower of ancient and new coins. Soothing traditional music relaxes the heart and mind. A daily proverb helps focus the thoughts.

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Maneki Neko 招き猫

"The Beckoning Cat."

Maneki Neko 招き猫 will bring luck, prosperity, romance, and wealth.

Maneki Neko 招き猫 enjoys activity. Shake, touch, turn over.

Each day, a new proverb.

In tradition there are many legends of the origin of Maneki Neko, the beckoning cat.

One such story is told thus:

There was a temple in ancient Japan where a priest lived with his cat companion, Tama. The Gotoku-ji temple was not wealthy; in fact, its priest was very poor. The priest often told Tama that he wished the cat could find a way to bring the temple prosperity. A feudal lord -- perhaps it was Naotaka Li, lord of Hikone district -- was passing Gotoku-ji when it began to rain. As the lord took shelter under a tree on the grounds, the priest's cat peeked out of the temple and raised a paw to invite the lord inside. The lord was curious about this unusual behavior and walked to the temple courtyard for a closer look. When Naotaka Li was standing in front of Tama in the courtyard, lightening struck the tree under which he had been sheltering. The lord's life had been saved, and he immediately believed the cat to be an incarnation of the Goddess of Mercy. To show his respect and gratitude, the lord was generous in endowing the temple. Thus, the figure of the "Maneki Neko" to welcome guests, luck, and wealth was born.

Today, Gotoku-ji temple is home to many statues of cats.


Jessica Oliverio. ジェシカ
Programming & design:
Ted Oliverio. テッド
Testing & feedback:
Shannon H. シャノンオランダ
Vicki O. ヴィッキー
Bryce W.
Mike McDougall
Dave F.
Ashish C.
Alex C.
Joe W.

Maneki Neko 招き猫 is a product of produced by Ted Oliverio.

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