The many friends of


None of this would be possible without you.


There are two main focuses of

* Create a place where people can meet friends online and interact in meaningful, friendly ways -- friends meeting friends.

* Create a cooperative envinroment that empowers and encourages a diverse calling of people to work together to create a greater whole -- friends helping friends.

Friends meeting friends:

The other name for is It is our goal to create a variety of tools, games and toys that can be enjoyed by many at once, bringing people separated by great distances, different cultures, different backgrounds or political boundaries together to have fun -- to play together and enjoy each other in a safe environment, the public playground.

Friends helping friends:

Everything that you see here on is the cooperative result of many wonderful people who all pitched in and gave their time and energy to make it happen.

While I am a reasonably productive person with skills in a variety of areas, what you see here would not have been possible without help from all the others. A lot of people are pitching in to make something bigger than any one person could.

The truth be told, I'm just another of the many contributors. One of my tasks is to organize and manage the efforts of the others -- to bring together a team of great artists, programmers, web designers, sound people and everything else to make something that's a lot of fun for everyone invovled. But they really do most of the work, and deserve the credit.

Currently, is looking for the following people to help expand the playground:

  • Artists, especially for textures and low-poly 3D models
  • Sound effects
  • Background music, especially midi

If you are interested in contributing in any of these areas, or for details about needed resources and submission guidelines, please send email to

Ted Oliverio

A portion of Many-Friends' income is used to help educate underprivledged children.
Another portion of Many-Friends' income goes to help better the environment.