Legal notice, Terms of Use, and Policy Statement

The Short Version:

LEGAL: Everything here is property of, who licenses users the right to access their toys and games.

TERMS OF USE: We allow people to use our services at our discretion. While we try to be friendly about it, in the end all decisions about the use of ManyFriends' assets rests with our staff. We do not view kindly those who would hamper our visitors' enjoyment of our site and resources.

POLICY: We will do what we can to help you enjoy your stay here. We have very low tolerance for folks who try to ruin other peoples' fun. Everyone behave themselves and we'll all get along fine. You are responsible for things that happen using your account.

Legal Notice:

  • Magnets!, Art! and FoosMan! are Trademarks of All software, instructions, web pages and accompanying works are Copyright (C) 2001-2010, with ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
  • All artwork, words, phrases, account data, music, web pages, software, and other assets related to this domain and the services provided herein are property of, and remain so, even though you may be allowed to use or manipulate some of them for entertainment purposes, as part of our services.
  • Our services include granting access to this domain and its served toys and games. While we try to keep everything up and running as much as possible, sometimes something will need to be changed or upgraded, not to mention the occasional inadvertent failure either of our own code, the hardware involved, or some public service like electricity or network connectivity. In addition, our servers are occasionally taken down intentionally for upgrades and maintenance.

Terms Of Use:

  • and own everything associated with both domains, their servers, and the toys and games available thereon. We license users (you) access to those assets according to the terms and conditions described on this page and the TOS agreements in each service.
  • While some of our services are pay-to-play, you are not actually buying anything -- you are paying a fee to be admitted to our domain for entertainment purposes under these conditions. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, and/or to eject anyone that we feel is not participating in the spirit of these terms. These same terms hold true for our free services, as well.
  • Specifically, no illegal activity of any kind will be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, sale of illegal drugs, sexual solicitation, stalking, threats of violence, etc. "Illegal" will be interpreted according to the laws of California, USA. We are neither lawyers nor policemen, but we know right from wrong, and will do our best to run a good, clean, family-oriented service, here.
  • Likewise, any attempt to hack the system, hack our servers, denial of service (DOS) attacks, use of another person's account or any similar "crime against the machine" will be dealt with quickly and severely. We are here to provide a service to our customers, and do not take kindly to those who would hamper us from providing the best possible service.

Our Policy:

  • We want our toys and games to be a lot of fun for most people. Everything we do here is aimed toward that end.
  • By and large, we have tried to make it so that you can have a lot of fun here, and so that it's difficult for other folks to bother you while you're enjoying your visit.
  • In the cases where others attempt to bother you, we've tried to arrange so that it's easy for you to stop being bothered (for example, by blocking incoming messages from a pesky user.)
  • When possible, our staff will avoid becoming involved in inter-user conflicts, prefering to provide each with a self-service resolution (for example, explaining how to activate message blocking.)
  • If an inter-user problem can not be resolved by the interested parties and our staff must intervene, it may result in some or all of the users involved being removed from our service, either temporarily or perminantly, at our discretion, in which case there will be no refunds or compensation of any sort.
  • You are responsible for activities that happen using your account. That is, "it wasn't me, someone else was using my account" will not be accepted as an excuse for bad behaviour. Guard your account password carefully, and change it if you feel it has been compromised.
  • In other matters, our staff will strive to provide each user with the best possible customer and technical support. Your best chance to get the fastest response is one of the e-mail addresses listed below.
  • PRIVACY: To help us serve you better we occasionaly ask for personal information such as your e-mail address, billing address, hardware configuration or similar. This information will NEVER be given, sold, or otherwise transfered to anyone outside of our organization, so long as we have any say in the matter. Even in situations where one might think we don't have a say, we will do everything in our power to prevent the spread of your personal information. Our ONLY goal in asking for this information is to help us provide you with a higher level of service.


A portion of Many-Friends' income is used to help educate underprivledged children.
A portion of Many-Friends' income goes to help better the environment.