Alter your ad-hoc profile

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If you want to add/remove devices from your ad-hoc cert:

NOTE: Device names sort alphabetically, so you may want to encode prefixes to help sort groups (beta, MF_, etc.) Or not, your choice.

  • Select PROVISIONING (left.)
  • Select DISTRIBUTION tab (top.)
  • Select EDIT->MODIFY for the ad-hoc profile appropriate for the app

(At this point, you may only have one ad-hoc profile. In the future, there may be others.)

  • Add/remove the devices you want on the ad-hoc.
  • Select SUBMIT.

NOTE: Profile will display as PENDING.

  • Select DISTRIBUTION tab again (to refresh screen. Status will change to ACTIVE.)
  • Select DOWNLOAD the profile.
  • Email it to your developer and tell him you want to use this new one, going forward.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A provisioning profile is baked into a build. Changing the profile will not affect who can install an earlier build, only future builds using that profile.

The whole ad-hoc profile thing is part of Apple's security that forces all apps to go through the iTunes store. You can't install an app without the iTunes store or this ad-hoc procedure. Apple is trying to prevent self-distribution of apps.