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Applying for an Apple Developer Center (ADC) iPhone Developer account is not difficult, but it is a bit of a drawn out process, and it's a good idea to start early in the project.

  • Start at Apple's developer programs page and click the "Enroll" link.
  • There is a multi-stage email-confirmation protocol.
    • That is: you sign up, they send confirmation email, you click the link, they send "you're approved to apply" mail, you click that link, etc...
  • Eventually, you will be asked for copies of your business license or your Fictitious Name Statement.
    • An FNS can be obtained through your county clerk's office. There is a small filing fee, and you typically must advertise your new business name in a local newspaper.
    • "Fictitious Name" is the current term for what used to be called "DBA" (Doing Business As.) For example, I use one because I conduct business under the "Fictitious Name" of "".
  • You will be asked for your banking information, INCLUDING SWIFT CODE.
    • This is so that Apple can deposit money from the sale of your app into your bank, electronically.
    • SWIFT codes are needed to perform electronic transfers in foreign currency (i.e., Yen, Euros, etc.)
      • If your bank claims they don't know what as SWIFT code is, explain that it is needed to do foreign-currency electronic transfers. You may have to ask to be transfered to a fairly senior level person before you find someone who knows what you're talking about or what the bank's code is. Some banks say they do not have one. Some developers have had to open a separate account at a new bank that can provide a SWIFT code.
  • There is an annual $99 fee, payable to Apple, to be an iPhone developer. This gets you all of the developer tools & support, and distribution of your app in the iTunes App Store.