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On Jun 3, 2010, at 11:51 AM, Melanie Swan wrote:
"Ted and his team are professional iPhone developers. Their rates are reasonable, and I have found
their responsiveness, development speed and comprehensive follow-up to be exemplary."
- Melanie Swan, DIYgenomics.

Information you might find on my (Ted's) letter of introduction:

  • I am fluent in Objective-C, Cocoa, Java, C and other languages.
  • I have shipped many iOS apps
  • I've been programming since 1974.
  • I've been developing on iPhone since the days of the jailbroken SDK (approximately June 2007, shortly after the first phone was shipped), and on the official Apple-SDK since its 1st day (early 2008.)
  • I've been developing on OS-X since before it shipped (was at Apple at the time); on Cocoa nearly as long.
  • I have MMO-game development experience going back to the mid-90s. Networking, sprite-animation, level design, game design, AI coding -- the whole gamut.
  • I have written several Open-GL apps for desktop, and some iPhone Open-GL apps.
  • I know SQL (in particular, MySQL.)
  • I am fluent in Agile methodologies.
  • I have experience managing, producing and developing both large and small projects.
  • I have experience working on and with remote teams. I am located in the Santa Cruz Mountains, near San Jose, California.
  • I have experience (including current development work) accessing remote databases from iPhone. Socket based network connections, etc.
  • I've done some work using web services, REST, XML, etc.
  • I have a pragmatic, "get things done" approach, and a track record of delivering as promised, on time, within budget.
  • My most recent corporate career had me as Developer-tools Team Manager, then SQA Manager, then Director of Engineering. As "man with 1000 hats" at, I now go by "Producer."
  • I am currently doing iPhone development and available for contract work. I have excellent references.

In addition, I have a terrific network of people who just enjoy tackling difficult problems. Via them, I am able to "stand on the shoulders of giants" and accomplish a great deal. The Many Friends thing works very well for me.