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Some clients like to download and build the code themselves. This page is to help them get set up with that.

There's no real trick to installing the development environment (XCode & latest iOS SDK), but the thing that a lot of people don't realize is how huge it is. One client reported that, even on his T3 connection at work (very fast internet), it was a 5 hr download. Because XCode + SDK is many gigabytes, the install process also takes quite a bit longer than most of the installs you're likely used to performing. To get set-up:

  • Download XCode + the most recent SHIPPING iOS-SDK from []
    • NOTE: If you get any beta or pre-release SDKs, your developer may not be able to help you with the build process.
    • NOTE: You will need to log-in as a registered iPhone developer in order to download the SDK.
    • NOTE: The download is several gigabytes and takes quite a while. One client reported 5+ hours over a T3 (fast work-internet) line.
  • Double-click the install package and select all of the default prompts.
    • NOTE: Due to its size, the installation takes longer than most consumer packages, also.