Early phases of the project

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Once we've gotten some ideas about the project scope, and signed all the appropriate paperwork, we begin the early phases of the project.

Development typically begins with getting a "wireframe" application to the client to preview. A wireframe has the general look and feel of the finished app, but may be missing nearly all of the functionality. This allows the client to view the app flow on a device, play with it, and specify any desired changes before things get too far along.

After that, you will receive a weekly report with details about progress made and every other week, you will be invoiced for the prior 2 weeks' worth of work. You may also receive an email or two during the week asking for clarification of some detail, describing mid-week progress or reminding you about your next action in the process (i.e., signing-up with the iTunes Store to be able to distribute iPhone apps.)

Once all the details are worked out, you will be well into the middle of the project.