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Most projects start with a phone call or email of introduction and to discuss the project at a high level. We may send an NDA to the client (or use theirs, if they have one), then we may exchange a few more emails/phone calls discussing the project in greater detail. From that point, most projects follow this general pattern:

  • Initial design and paperwork.
    • We finalize the design (which could be as simple as the client reading my summary and saying "yeah, that's what I want.")
    • I'll send some paperwork to sign.
      • A boilerplate Non Disclosure Agreement wherein we promise not to give away each other's business secrets.
      • A boilerplate Software Development Contract wherein I promise to do a professional job of programming as you ask, you promise to pay my invoices, etc.
      • An "Addendum-A", which is an addendum to the SDC, which describes this project in particular, my estimate, an hourly cap ("do not work longer than X hours without client approval"), payment terms, and a section describing how the client can request, and we can agree to do, additional work.
  • Project management.
NOTE: if you want us to handle all of the iPhone Developer stuff -- creating ad-hoc profiles, signing the app with your certificate, submitting to the store, etc. -- we can, although that will add a few hours to the project time.
In addition, we recommend that the client participate in this portion, as experience in this area helps to smooth project-related discussions.
  • Initial wireframe.
    • Client sends initial content for use in preview-apps sent to review progress.
This content may be placeholder. That is, we don't need final images and text, just something to stand-in for the app wireframe (below.)
    • We send an ad-hoc "wireframe" of your app. This will demonstrate basic navigation and app-flow, although the actual functionality and content will be missing.
  • Iterate & completion
    • Additional ad-hoc previews will be sent for client review as different phases of the app are completed, adjustments are made, etc.
    • We send the final package, ready to submit to the app store.

In addition:

  • Every Monday, we email a progress report which includes: progress this week (and billable hours worked), planned work for next week and any issues/concerns.
  • Every other Monday, we invoice the previous two weeks' work.
    • Invoices are due on receipt, and carry a discount if paid within 30 days.