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App submission (and updating an existing app) is done through your iTunes Connect account. Before logging on, look at a view a few apps in the App Store to see how these items are placed in the store, then make sure you have the following items:

  • A 2048x2048 .jpg format image that is either a large preview of your app icon or a reasonable facsimile that can be used to feature your app in the App Store.
    • NOTE: Apple has rejected apps with App-store icons that are too-different from the App icon. It does not have to be exact, but it should be easily recognized as being evocative of your app.
  • At least one screenshot, 640x960 (or 960x640) .jpg or .png to showcase your app.
    • Up to 4 additional screenshots to show-off various features.
    • NOTE: For iPad, that's 1024x768, 2048x1536 for retina.
  • The "ad copy" -- text that is displayed along with your app in the App Store (see any app for examples.)
  • An SKU -- this is the number you will use to identify your app. Your sales reports will reference this SKU. It can be any number you like.
  • A planned release date, if not "ASAP."

You may also want to have ready any marketing materials, PR, advertising campaigns, etc. associated with the sale of your app.

Once you have collected all of the materials, log on to iTunes Connect, select Manage Your Apps, and follow the on-screen instructions.

NOTE: It is unlikely that your app uses encryption (one of the questions asked when you prepare to upload), if your developer has not already raised this point with you.

NOTE: You can prepare, submit and edit the all of this content content without a finished binary. You will upload the binary as a separate step -- this is just the preparation.

What to expect

Below are some screenshots showing what the submission pages looked like as of this writing (1/2/2011.) You can plan what info you'll need from these.

  • From iTunesConnect, select Manage Your Apps, then Add New App.


  • Give your app a name (the name as it will appear in the App Store), and SKU (any number you care to use for inventory control), and select the bundle-ID.


  • Select a price and launch date.
  • To launch your app ASAP after review, use today's date.


  • Fill in the App Store information as appropriate.
  • IMPORTANT: Click the App Ratings link and read the description!


  • Rate your app honestly & appropriately.
  • Add screenshots that will display in the App Store.
    • View other apps in the app store to see how this information is displayed.


  • When the app is ready to submit, use the Application Loader to upload the app binary. You get the application loader from the Download Application Loader link at the bottom of the iTunesConnect's Manage Your Apps page.