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Sometimes, you will need to get your device's UDID (User Device Identification number.) There are a number of ways to do this; perhaps the easiest and least-error-prone is to download Erica's ad-hoc helper app (free.)

The Easy Way:

  • This app will help you email your UDID to yourself or anyone else.
    • The link redirects to the iTunes App Store; iTunes must be installed.
NOTE: The device UDID is needed for ad-hoc provisioning.
NOTE: To work, this app requires that you to Set-up_mail on your device.

The Not-As-Easy Way:

If you wanted, you COULD do...

  • Plug your device into the computer.
  • Launch iTunes.
  • Select the device in iTunes (left-column.)
  • Select the SUMMARY tab (top.)
  • Where it shows the SERIAL NUMBER, click on the number (a random-looking series of numbers & letters.)
    • The words SERIAL NUMBER will change to IDENTIFIER (UDID) (followed by a different, longer, random-looking series of numbers & letters.)
  • CMD-C to copy.
    • NOTE: there will be NO INDICATION, WHATSOEVER that you copied anything.
  • Launch email.
  • CMD-V to paste.

...however, experience has shown that these steps are prone to human error, and the ad-hoc app method, above, works much more smoothly.