Set-up a BitBucket account

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In order to store all the code and related resources for your app, we'll need you to create a source-code repository. BitBucket is a free service that allows for the storage of source code and related materials in a private repository that can be accessed only by people you invite. (NOTE: There are other fine services -- github, heroku, etc. -- BitBucket is just one that we use frequently.)

To set up your account:

  • Browse over to:
  • Select GET STARTED (upper right of screen)
  • Enter the name, etc., fields.
  • Select 5 USER TEAM (free). This will allow us to include additional members who may join the team later.

Once your account is created, add your developer as an administrator, then they can do all of the remaining setup required.

NOTE: The developer may have an existing account-name different from the email you've been using to correspond. Be sure to get and invite the correct username.

  • Login to BitBucket
  • In the teams menu (top center), select CREATE A TEAM
  • Give the team a name (ex:, your app's name)
  • In the ADD TEAM MEMBERS section, add the developer's username
  • Check the ADMINISTRATOR box
  • Select CREATE

Drop your developer a note letting me know that you did all this, so they can verify that they got the invitation from BitBucket.