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FogBugz is a pay-for issue-tracking and project management service that charges $18 per month (as of January 2016) for up to 5 users. (Different rates for different sized teams.)

HOWEVER, they have a "students and startups" deal where teams of up to two people (typically the client (you) and myself) are free.

Be aware that, if you ever want to add a 3rd person, it becomes pay-for. In my opinion, it's is a super value. If we save 1 hr per month reminding each other what we were talking about, that's enough to pay for 5 users for several months, right there!

To sign up:

For example, I might get ""; you would use your company name, of course. They'll send you an email verification and completing the sign-up is fairly straightforward.
  • Add me (email address: fogbugz @ manyfriends . com) as a user.
  • Make me an administrator
    • I will finish setting up the system in a standard way that I've found works well for everyone involved.

You don't have to wait for me -- add all the issues you like, and just assign them to project "inbox." I'll shuffle them around when I'm in there setting things up.

NOTE: *DO*NOT* add me to your FogBugz team if we're not currently in a business relationship!

These instructions are intended for people with whom I am currently doing business.
Feel free to use FogBugz -- it's a great product! -- but don't add me to your team if we don't know each other!

I'm a huge fan of FogBugz and the whole Fog Creek company, in general. Joel writes a great blog wherein he talks about coding, project management and all sorts of philosophy that surrounds the business of software development.