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   It is outside the scope of this document to teach you how to use any source control system.
   This page is intended to help clients get started if they are interested in viewing their
   sources on our subversion system.
   For more information about subversion, see the excellent subversion documentation online.

At some point, your developer may send you information to access your source code repository. You will get an account-name (likely the same as your whoami on your computer) and a password. To download the source code, do the following:

   NOTE: Instructions are for Mac OS-X.  If you run a different operating system, ask for updated instructions.
  • Open a new terminal window (Applications -> Utilities ->
  • Navigate (via the cd command) to the directory where you'd like to add the your sources.
  • You will be given a repository URL that may look something like this:
  • At the prompt, type this command:
   svn checkout yourCompany
   ___ ________ _______________________________________________ ___________
    |     |               |                                       |
   [1]   [2]             [3]                                     [4]
This tells subversion [1] to check-out [2] code from our repository [3] into a new directory [4].
  • If you are prompted for a password (possibly up to 3x), enter it.

You'll see a bunch of output as svn grabs all the code. In the newly created directory, there will be a directory for assassins and, inside that, there will be sub-directories (i.e., for iOS and server code.) There may also be shared code (i.e., used in both iOS app and server) and/or a tools directory containing scripts used as part of the build process, etc..

After that, any time you want to get the latest code updates, navigate in a terminal window to that top-level directory and use this command:

  svn update


The svn checkout command creates a directory of sources that is possible for you to modify and check back in.

Be very careful to *NOT*DO*THAT* without coordinating with your developer!

You WILL BE BILLED to fix problems you create in the source code repository.

If you are not very certain of what you are doing, "look but do not touch"!

NOTE: there are ways to create a copy of the code with which you are welcome to experiment. Ask your developer how you can create a branch, if you are interested in doing this sort of thing. If you make a branch-change that you like, there are tools your developer can use to merge your changes into the main trunk of code.