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The ManyFriends.com business model revolves around delivering a blissful software development experience. When we're done with your project, you will be ecstatic not only about the finished app, but about the entire development process experience.

This wiki is part of that.

This wiki is a constant work in progress.

If you notice flaws, have suggestions or comments, please let me know.  Thanks!

In order to reduce spam, I have obscured my email a bit.  Hopefully you can figure it out.
Suggestions & comments to: support -at- manyfriends dot remove-this-part com.

ManyFriends.com is in the business of software development and, lately, a lot of our work has been iPhone/iPad development. In particular, we've been doing a lot of contract work for folks who have an idea for an iPhone app, but need us to do the coding.

We've found that over the course of doing iPhone and iPad development that many of our new clients have similar questions and concerns. This wiki is an attempt to gather all of the "things you might want to know (and maybe some stuff you didn't know you might want to know)" into one place, where it can be referenced and updated. Each time I need to present similar information, I will review that section of this wiki, make any updates that seem valuable, and point the new person to the appropriate page. Over time, this should lead to a fairly useful collection of information. Cross your fingers!

Product Development

It seems that everyone I run into has an idea for an iPhone/iPad app. You've got an idea, and you're thinking of hiring someone (maybe me!) to write the app for you. How can you expect things to unfold? Hopefully, this guide will help you find the answers.

From idea to product

Maybe not as much as you think! Experience has shown that most of the app ideas people have are fairly straightforward, technically; most of the work is just a matter of arranging all the pieces. The hardest part, for many of these apps, is the generation of content (images and sounds), which the client often chooses to do, themselves. (NOTE: We have artists and UI designers available to do this work. However, many clients choose to provide their own content.)

App development

Most projects follow a similar flow, starting with "we chat about the app some" all the way to delivery of the finished product.
There are several things you can do early on to help your project evolve more smoothly and, in many cases, save money!
As the project winds to a close, there are several decisions you must make to allow your app to become reality in the AppStore.

App-store submission and beyond

Submitting your app to the iTunes store requires some process.
The app-submission and review process is a bit mysterious, and Apple is not always clear or responsive. These hints have proven helpful in dealing with Apple regarding your app submission.
Many people have little or no experience being "the face" of a company that produces a consumer-oriented product. These hints should help you prepare to respond to your customers.

Tools, How-To, FAQ



Project setup

If you plan to view/use the source code

Early previews

Project End


Briefly (about 1/2 second) hold both the Home button and the Power button at the same time. The screen will "flash" as if taking a picture.
  • ...Get pictures off the device:
Use iPhoto or other camera app. Your computer treats the device as if it were any other digital camera.


For Developers

Visit the Developer Page for resources for other folks making a living in iPhone development.


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