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The Geohash historic page is currently under construction.
Please bear with us while the dust settles.
In the mean time, we hope you enjoy what's available.

- Most recent.
- Within the past 7 days.
- Within the past 30 days.
- Within the past 90 days.
- Within the past 365 days.

Zoom-in to see the more distant past.

NOTE: Data only goes back to May 22, 2008, the day of The Geohash Comic


  • Feature: Handle user-sized maps (pass in URL), for use on wiki pages.
  • Feature: On Friday, display upcoming Saturday & Sunday location, too.
  • (Can the www tell us about NYSE holidays?)
  • Feature: > 365 day history not yet implemented.
  • (Should show as splotches until zoomed-in.)