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After taking up the Cigar hobby in May of 2002, I met such a diverse group of generous, friendly, outgoing, and intelligent* hobbiests as I have never seen before. Many groups have nice people, but the cigar smoking community seems to me to be among the most friendly, generous and sharing of any. These pages are for them.

*Not to mention opinionated and stubborn, but we love 'em, anyway... ;)


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Cigar related links:

alt.smokers.cigars ("ASC") -- an informative newsgroup with discussion of cigars and things that cigar smokers talk about (i.e, nearly everything!)
NOTE: link requires a newsgroup reader. The group is also visible via Google Groups
ASC photos (yahoo group)

Misc's Cigar Ranch is now on line.

Some good cigar information:

An informative cigar FAQ.

Tony's Cigar diary.

Some good reading on cigar aging. (Note: some of the information about "flavor marrying" is hotly debated.)

The businesses listed below have been, at some time in the past, recommended by ASC folk. This does not mean that you'll have a great experience with them, or speak to whether or not you'll agree with the recommendation given. In addition, some businesses seem to "go in spurts", offering great service for a while, then less-so, later. If a particular aspect of service (return policy, delivery times, satisfaction guarantees, etc.) is important to you, check with the individual vendor before making a purchse.

Some online cigar vendors that come recommended by ASC folk:

Cigar Bid (which is part of CI)
Li'l Brown smoke shack
Mr. Bundles (Mike Banks)
Bobalu Cigars
Vincent & Tampa Cigars
Vegas de Santiago
CgarsLtd (UK)

Some online vendors specializing in humidors that come recommended by ASC folk:
Humidor Hut
(Do not confuse with "Akbar & Jeff's Humidor Hut", where the elite meet, in discreet, to enjoy cigars sweet, off the street.)
Tampa Humidor

Cheap Humidors (?)

What size is that cigar? Check the "Most useless Cigar Page" for the answer :)

Does 2nd hand smoke (ETS) cause cancer? So far, two groups have attempted to study this issue, the World Health Organization and the Environmental Protection Agency.

The WHO hid their study when it turned out to not only show no ill effects, but indicated potential benefits of ETS.

The EPA study was found fraudulent, the EPA ignoring some results and manufacturing others to meet their pre-determined outcome.

Dr. Marc J. Schneiderman, M.D. tried to learn more, but found locating credible answers to be a daunting task, as described in this letter.

Elsewhere, he cites some interesting research which show no significant increase in cancer risk among 1-2/day non-inhaling cigar smokers.

Dave Hitt tried to get to the bottom of the ETS question. He may not be the most diplomatic of investigators, but you have to admit that he makes some interesting points.