Misc's Cigar Ranch



On these pages, we will attempt to document our forey into tobacco ranching, trying to raise cigar trees from little babies.




01 Seeds

Dang, but they're small!


02 Growing impatient for the sprouts

Dang, but they take a long time!


03 Growing like kudzu!

Dang, they grow fast!


04 The Round Up

Where'd they go?


05 Urging them on

Dang, they're particular!


06 The Big Move

If more is better, isn't lots more lots better?


07 The Big Roundup

Try, try again


08 A New Hope

Dang, this is a lot of work!


09 Spring Has Sprung

Dang, they're just the cutest little things!


10 Growin', growin', growin'...

Like beans up a pole...


11 Growing Notes

A few reminders for myself.

Som Pictures (Click on any image to see an expanded view:

The Seeds are amazingly small.

This 6' tall Indian Tobacco produced some beautiful flowers.

The lower plot, mid-July, 2003. Several seedlings just getting going.

A few seedlings, and those plants that managed to Winter-over live in the sunnier Upper Plot

One fine July morning, we were attacked by "Dog Vomit Mold". This is how much grew in 8 hours (overnight.) Amazing [ly-ugly!] stuff.

I haven't done much in the way of documenting the past several years' worth of ranching (most of the images & text above are from 2003's crop), but here are a couple from Summer of 2006:

The secret to growing big, full-leaved plants seems to be lots of water, excellent drainage and good, dark soil. These have been "topped" (vertical growth & flowers pinched off), and the leaves are coming along quite nicely.

A few of the early-picked leaves are starting to cure nicely. Notice the little beads of oil starting to form -- yum! :9

The New American Gothic: